How to Measure the ROI of Your Press Release Distribution

If you’re planning to issue press releases as part of your content marketing campaign, one thing that you need to consider is how you are going to measure the impact of your distribution. Measuring the return on investment (ROI) is vital to know if it’s meeting your business goals or not, or to have an idea of where it is heading to.

Fortunately, there are several monitoring and tracking tools that businesses can use. Although not every release provides an immediate effect on the conversion rate, the campaign is  powerful to create an impact to target audiences.

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What is ROI?

According to BusinessWire, ROI is defined as the overall cost of creation and distribution of press releases over the monetary impact of the campaign. When measuring the company’s ROI, the decision makers of your brand are the one in-charge of knowing the needed metrics, so they can set strategic planning for the success of the company.

Press Release Distribution Service  Factors to Consider

Before launching the outreach, the team should be able to assess significant factors that can impact the outcome of distribution. It helps in identifying what content and distribution should be implemented by the company.

The goal of the company.

What is your company goal for writing and sharing your releases? Be specific with your answers. Do you want to inform the public about your new product, educate them about a new topic or show your knowledge about a certain topic.

Predictable impact.

The team should be able to foresee the outcome of their outreach. Would it likely improve their sales by 20 percent, improve reach by 15 percent or gain new email subscribers and followers on the social media?


The team should be able to identify the type of audience who is more likely to drive the expected outcome to reach the goal. Determine the predictable reactions that can contribute to the desirable result.


Knowing what assets are needed to boost the ROI is important. Every company is rich in brand assets that they can use to improve their ROI. Make sure that you are using them to drive sales, traffic and reach.

Type of content distribution.

Determine which distribution can lead to improved visibility. Each distribution should be tailored to your target audience. How will you share your content to widen your impact?

Measure ROI

Check which tool your team would use to track the ROI of your campaign. Ensure that your team knows the monitoring tools to be used.

Measuring ROI

You can use different methods to measure the impact of distributing your release. Each distribution platform that you used should have metric reports that your team can evaluate. Here are some of the analytics that you can use to measure the ROI of your campaign.  

Measure the coverage.

You can measure the extent of your content coverage by checking the number of publicity that you received, length of the article, message impact, assets, placement and more.

Identify its geo-impact.

PR professionals and marketers may know how far their news had spread. It can measure the extent of its reach locally and internationally. You can maximize this by reaching out to sales or paid advertising campaigns.

Measure the visibility.

You also need to have an idea of how your news is perceived by your target audience. Know how far your story was shared and who shared it. It’s also important to know to determine which audience drives the most impact in sales. You may get info here :

You can also do this by tracking your brand and product mentions in all media platforms. This should give you an idea of how far your release has penetrated a certain market.

Measure the inbound traffic.

Always include links and a call to action that readers can click or follow while reading your content. You can monitor how many times readers click the links or do the actions you requested.

It helps you to measure the levels of engagement and the reach of your content. Take note of the inbound traffic during the news cycle or track the addition of your followers.

Measure the sales.

Your press release should help your brand to improve its sales if this is your goal. To do this, you should promote the awareness of your products or services.

Place a call to action so visitors can turn into buyers and investors would be encouraged to collaborate with your brand. A clear call to action encourages the readers to take an action and take their relationship with you to the next level.

It’s always good to track the impact of distributing your releases through ROI. It reserves a room for improvement and improve the outcome of your campaign.

How do you distribute your releases? Can you add other tools that you use in measuring your ROI?