NLRA Refrigeration Calibration Services and Repairs

Are you looking for commercial refrigeration services in an emergency situation? Here at The National Laboratory Repair Association, we offer you the immediate refrigeration repairs that you are looking for. When other companies make you wait for freezer repairs, we are there to work on your time frame so that a small problem does not turn into a serious emergency. You can also contact DL Repair for fast service options.

Why Are Fast Repairs Needed?

It is often imperative that you have quick refrigeration repairs because the environment needs to stay at the right temperature and that temperature needs to be consistent.

The Benefits of Our Commercial Refrigeration Services

There are a few reasons why you should pick our commercial refrigeration repairs over the competition, including:

– Our fleet of seven trucks.

– GPS tracking systems for our vehicles.

– 24/7 answering services with live people.

– Incredible response times for refrigeration repairs

– Trained technician is on call 24/7 for emergency service

All of these aspects of our biomedical refrigeration repairs are geared toward giving you the service that you want. When you need – refrigeration repairs right away, we are the first company that you should call.

Calibration Services Chamber Mapping Service

Do you need calibration services on your laboratory refrigeration equipment because you suspect that your freezers have not been calibrated correctly for your project? Even if the freezer is not actually broken, these lab equipment calibration services could be necessary so that you can get good results.

At The National Laboratory Repair Association, we can determine what type of services are necessary, and then we can provide what services are best for your situation.

Why We Are the Best Option

Before you call us about a laboratory equipment calibration, you should understand that our company is built around a model of:

– Professionalism

– Experience

– Customer Service

– Satisfaction

Every decision that we make revolves around these four important points, and it really sets our company and our calibration services apart from the pack. If you choose The National Laboratory Repair Association services, we are confident that you will be 100% satisfied when the job has been completed.

What Calibration Services are Provided

When looking for a calibration service, you should really search for a few different factors, including:

– Factory trained technicians.

– Technicians who take monthly safety training courses.

– Professional employees who have cleared background checks, enabling them to work in high-security areas.

– State of the art equipment allows us to be more time efficient

– Use of N.I.S.T. Traceable equipment which is required for calibration services

You will find that once you have us out to calibrate your equipment whether it be in Orange County, CA or Los Angeles, CA or even San Diego, CA & San Bernadino County, CA, you will never want to use another company again.

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